It’s Time For A Family Vacation In Columbus OH

Nearly a million people call Columbus OH home, and many people pay the capital city a visit each year, too. When are you planning on taking a vacation in Columbus? Also known as the Indie Art Capital, among other nicknames, Columbus OH is a great city to explore, and you might want to take a look at the following attractions once you get there.

Easton Town Center is a major attraction that you would enjoy, a very modern and vibrant neighborhood. If you know anything about the historic German village in Columbus, this town center is said to be the exact opposite in terms of the type of neighborhood. You’re going to find quite a few restaurants there according to the reviews, soo, so don’t think it’s just going to be about doing some shopping.

It’s always great to know where to shop though, right? This next visit is to a winery, a really cool place to check out in Columbus. The place is called Wyandotte Winery, and it’s located at 4640 Wyandotte Drive. Have you ever had a wine slushy before? You can have one of those, and you might also try the antipasto that is served up there. This winery gets rather busy, and people say it is a little quirky, which should make for a fun time.

Now it’s time for some entertainment. The place is Southern Theater, and the address is 21 East Main Street. There are different shows that you can catch there depending on the event schedule. One review mentioned that Columbus Jazz Orchestra, which would be a nice concert to catch. The theater is beautiful, and it is also a historic venue.

The Central Ohio Fire Museum should be fun to visit, and it is located at 260 North 4th Street. This fire station has been around since 1908. It is part of the Downtown Columbus area, so that will get you looking around in the heart of the city. There are all kinds of things to do in Downtown Columbus.

In fact, there are all kinds of things to do in Columbus itself. You are going to want to look towards getting to as many places as possible, but also, take your time. You want to really enjoy your vacation, and you will get to do quite a lot while you’re there. If you can’t do it all, you can make a return trip to Columbus OH sometime in the future.