5 Things To Avoid Living In Columbus Apartments

You can save money and enjoy more freedom when choosing to move to Columbus apartments, but apartment living doesn’t always mean you don’t have to deal with certain things. Ranging from nightmarish neighbors to the dreaded rent increase, there are quite a few items on your list that will need to be avoided. Here are five things to avoid when living in apartments:

1. Noisy Neighbors

One of the biggest pitfalls of living in an apartment community is dealing with noisy neighbors. Unfortunately, not everyone is courteous or cares about the shared walls that are seemingly paper thin. If you find yourself in this situation, contacting management and filing a formal complaint is the way to go. Some tenants may feel more at ease giving a warning first and asking the neighbor to quiet down, but you should understand your rights!

2. Avoid Rent Increases

The good deal that you got when you initially signed your lease may be out the window with a rent increase. Landlords often increase rent based on desirability,and if you live in an area with plenty of people living in apartments, you need to know the possibility of paying more rent. Before it all sets, check to see if it’s even legal for your landlord to charge more rent, and if it is, try negotiating. The last resort is moving, of course.

3. Don’t Pay Too Much For Energy

Since many Columbus apartments are older buildings, they are not as energy efficient as newer builds. Unfortunately, that also means paying more money for heating and cooling. There are small fixes you can make to your apartment such as installing a programmable thermostat, using LED fixtures or a portable heater. Make sure when sealing up doors or windows you talk to your landlord first!

4. Don’t Make Permanent Alterations

Your apartment may be your home for the time being, but it doesn’t mean you can make permanent alterations or install new fixtures. For example, many people make the mistake of hanging too many pictures on the walls or shelves, which in turn leaves a lot of holes to fill. Make small temporary changes that won’t result in your losing money in any way.

5. Avoid Cluttering Your Space

One of the worst things to do in an apartment is to clutter the space up with too much stuff. That also means you shouldn’t forget to use vertical hanging space and increase storage whenever you can. By finding a space for most of your stuff, you can deal with a smaller layout without having to sacrifice the integrity of your space.

Apartment life does have some pitfalls, but they can be circumvented when you use some common sense and clever tricks. Dealing with noisy neighbors, rent increases, and cramped quarters are all a part of everyday life. The clever tactics described above can make a world of difference in the quality of life you lead and give you the boost it takes to take your apartment to the next level.